Global Head of IT / SAP / Hybris

Global Head of IT / Digital Transformation (SAP, Hybris, CX Commerce, Salesforce, Qlikview). Permanent Job –  English Speaking – Düsseldorf, Germany (with ~20% travel) –  Start Date: 4th January 2021 – Salary indication: € 200K/annum + 25% bonus at plan (related to financial targets – can go up to 50%!) + lucrative Private Equity package. End client.

Our end client based near Düsseldorf, Germany, is looking to hire a Global Head of IT / Digital Transformation to take over from the current incumbent who retires next year.

About the company:
* The company is a high value-add distribution company, it is private equity-owned, with a global presence and ambitions for quick and further growth. The company offers a casual working atmosphere, with a small internal team of highly experienced/senior IT professionals. There is very low staff turn-over with the existing team being happy and loyal – having all been at the company for many years.
* The company has historically grown through a combination of bringing innovation to their customers and through Mergers & Acquisitions. In the future, the client has the vision to continue growing through M&A and, among others, to further their reach in North America.
* One of the strategic current initiatives of the group is to develop and implement best-in-class e-commerce solutions to drastically increase their sales through this channel and move to omni-channel distribution.
* At the core of the client’s IT environment is SAP (SD, MM, WM, SM, FI, FA, PI), this is followed by SAP Hybris used for the client’s growing e-commerce approach – currently 20% of sales are online – the aim is to increase this to 40% rapidly. The client is moving from SAP Hybris to SAP CX Commerce, with this project starting next year.
* Digital transformation is a key aspect of the client’s IT plans. The client also uses Salesforce for CRM and Qlikview for BI, as well as a small number of other satellite IT systems.

The company in numbers:
* Revenues of € 400M
* 35.000 products
* 40.000 customers
* 20 countries
* 1,000 employees
* 15 internal employees in IT department
* 7,000 deliveries per day
* 34 warehouses

About the position:
* Reports to: CFO
* Interacts with: Executive Team Members, Direct Reports and all IT staff, Business Managers, Finance Managers, Service Managers, Vendors’ and Customers’ IT departments, IT Suppliers and any relevant IT users.
* Principal Objectives: Leadership, management and development of the Digital & IT processes, strategies and goals to enable achievement of organizational and business objectives, including the digital transformation of the Company.

Position summary:
* Global Head of IT / Digital Transformation: The ideal candidate should have good knowledge and hands-on understanding/background (a helicopter view) of the client‘s IT environment components – at the core, SAP and Hybris/SAP CX Commerce, considering the clients digital / ecommerce growth plans. Any exposure to Salesforce and/or Qlikview would be considered a bonus.
* This is a multi-faceted position – you will be required to perform several diverse functions – broken down as approximately:
* -20% CIO-type activities
* -25% IT Project Management
* -20% Solution Architect (Strategising/Design/Roadmap planning) activities
* -15% IT-Business liaison activities (bridging the gap between IT and the business / challenging Stakeholders / board members)
* – 20% Digital Transformation focus (SAP-Hybris integration management / Managing the move from SAP Hybris to SAP CX Commerce etc.)
* International exposure: experience working for international companies and of managing teams remotely.

IT Strategy:

* Together with the Executive Team and the business managers, define & align Digital & IT strategy (as part of the Company’s business strategy)
* Anticipate and react to major technology changes to ensure the maintenance of competitive systems, landscape and tools for the company, the user community and their needs for growth
* Propose technologies, processes, systems, and tools to support the development of the Company with a specific focus on data management (customer data, supplier data, product data, performance data, pricing etc.)
* Align IT team with the Company performances and objectives
* Ensure buy-in of Company organization into new technologies and systems

IT Continuity and Security:
* Manage the information, data integrity and security of the Company and its business units
* Ensure that the day-to-day processes, the IT tools and the infrastructure are adequate to meet the required service levels

IT Roll-out in a Buy and Build environment:
* Ensure a consistent roll-out of the Company’s Digital & IT template (processes, systems, tools) into existing and newly acquired business units
* To this purpose prioritize projects according to the defined goals and the available internal / external IT resources
* Ensure proper and continuous training of the users

Management of IT resources:
* Optimize costs of services through a mix of internal and external resources
* Select, manage and control the third-party vendors, outsourced services and consultants
* Recommend and monitor company infrastructure to support and guide individual divisions / departments / sites in computing and information technology efforts when taken outside of global IT

* Develop talents within IT team
* Review and approve major contracts for computing, information technology services, equipment, networking, and telecommunication
* Define and manage the Global IT Budget and Expenditures
* Assist in the compliance of legal requirements
* Other duties as assigned

Leadership competencies:
* Developing Others: Willingness to delegate responsibility, to work with others and to coach them to develop their capabilities
* Result Management: Focusing on the desired result of your own or units’ work; setting challenging goals, focusing effort on the goals, and meeting or exceeding them
* Change Management: Demonstrating support for innovation and for organizational changes needed to improve the organization’s effectiveness; supporting, initiating, sponsoring, and implementing organizational change; helping others to successfully manage organizational change
* Team Leadership: Demonstrated skills and abilities needed to coordinate, facilitate, and participate in a collaborative approach to the completion of tasks and assignments
* Impact & Influence: The ability to gain others’ support for ideas, projects, and solutions
* Customer Orientation: Demonstrated concern for satisfying external and/or internal customers
* Helping Others to Achieve Optimal Results: Demonstrated willingness and capabilities for bringing support to stakeholders in achieving results

Functional competencies:
* Resource Management: efficient and effective deployment of the organization’s resources when they are required; including financial resources, inventory, human resources and skills, production resources or information technology
* Process Management: apply knowledge, skills, tools, techniques, and systems to define, visualize, measure, control, report and improve processes with the goal to meet customer requirements profitably
* Innovation/Continuous Improvement Management : allow and challenge the organization to respond to external or internal opportunities, and use its creative efforts to introduce new ideas, processes or products.; involve people at every level in contributing creatively to the Company’s development; find profitable applications to use new technologies with the goal to reduce time to market without sacrificing on quality or customer needs
* Analytical Skills: show the ability to gather and analyse information, and to visualize, articulate, and solve complex problems and concepts and make meaningful decisions
* Communication Skills : proficiency in interpersonal, oral and written communication including the need to explain complex and/or technical information using clear and simple language; ability to actively listen to others and to present information and data to others in a understandable manner
* Conflict Management: manage conflicts in such a way that disputes do not arise; Ability to identify and address differences that if unmanaged would affect the organization’s objectives

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JOB VACANCY: Global Head of IT / Digital Transformation (SAP, Hybris, CX) Commerce, Salesforce, Qlikview)