SAP DMS Consultant

SAP DMS (Document Management System) Consultant – West Sussex, UK. Start Date: 18th November 2019. 6 Month + Contract Role. End Client. 4 days/week onsite + 1 day/week remote work.

Our End client in West Sussex, UK is looking to hire an experienced SAP DMS (Document Management System) Consultant to help with a group DMS consolidation project.

The client already has an SAP DMS set-up at one of its subsidiaries. This needs to be analysed to see whether it can still be considered as “state-of-art” (current best practice). This then needs to be rolled-out to another subsidiary in the group. The SAP Document Management set up includes:

PRONOVIA (ProDMS) and ECTR (engineering control centre) in their suite of tools to manage the relationship of documents (CAD and non-CAD) to materials.
They host documents on either a i) content server, or an ii) external server (with a hyperlink in the DIR).
Use a 3rd party provider SEAL systems. Primarily this is for watermarking and content conversion (e.g. doc to pdf)
This will need to be rolled-out to a second business unit with an immature document solution.


Solution Design
Document types & configuration:
• The two business units must align. Must result in a 1:1 mapping
• Document statuses. Must result in a 1:1 mapping
• This will require direction from and alignment with the 1st Business Unit technical owner
• Document revision control

Numbering ranges
• Internal and external.
• Internal ranges must complement but not overlap between the 2 units

Documents storage solution. TBA. Options are:
• Utilise 1st Unit Content server?
• Retain existing document stores, use hyperlink ed originals and manually manage revision control

Printing of documents. Options
• Solution for automatically printing documents for production orders
• Viewing document or Manually printing documents through SAP

Watermarking and conversion. TBC

Data Conversion
• Definition of FDDs and CSDs for documents.
• Specification and testing of conversion methods

• Cut Over activities
• Validation of data conversion

To be considered for this role you must have similar and extensive SAP Document Management System (DMS) experience.

High level timescales are Design Nov/Dec, Build/Test Dec/Jan, IT Feb, UAT Mar, Cutover Apr

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