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With a thriving economy and convenient central European location, the Czech Republic has attracted lots of expats in recent times. A country offering a wealth of opportunities, you’ll find plenty of openings throughout the Czech Republic.

Whatever your role, whether that’s an SAP consultant, project manager, developer, or something else, you’re sure to discover your ideal position here. As a distinguished SAP recruitment agency, we’ll match you up with an SAP job in the Czech Republic in no time.

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How many hours do they work per week in Czech Republic?

Since 2001, the average number of hours worked per week by employees in the Czech Republic has stagnated around 40.5 hours.

How many hours is part time work in Czech Republic?

Part-time work is uncommon in the Czech Republic. Article 80 of the Czech Labour Code defines part-time working hours as any below the standard weekly working hours, for which the employee is paid a wage or salary reduced proportionally to the reduction of the standard working hours.

What is the average cost of living in Czech Republic?

For a family of four, the estimated monthly cost including rent is €3347. A single person estimated monthly costs with rent is €1359. Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is more expensive. A family of four can expect monthly costs including rent to be €4354 per month and a single person household is €1761 on average.

How do you get a work visa in Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic has two main visa categories — long-term and short-term Schengen visas. The application process for a Czech Republic work permit rests on both the employer and the employee. Foreigners can work only in positions where you couldn’t find any suitable candidates within the Czech Republic or other EU member states. When you meet the country’s conditions, you can submit a work permit application to the Labour Office in the district where you’ll employ the foreigner. Employees must posses a work permit before landing in the Czech Republic.

Is Czech Republic a good place to work?

The Czech Republic has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU and a surplus of jobs. Expats in Czech Republic ranked at 3rd place in the Global Working Abroad Index, and in 2018 it was rated the 15th best country in the World Economic Forum Quality Of Life Index.