Meet Eursap’s SAP Recruitment Management Team

Behind every successful SAP Recruitment Agency is its team of successful SAP Recruiters. Providing a link between SAP Clients and SAP Consultants, and finding a perfect mutual match. We ask the SAP Recruitment Management Team here at Eursap a few questions below, to help you get to know them better. Whether you are looking for an SAP Job, looking to hire an SAP resource or would simply like to have a chat and some help with your SAP career, feel free to reach out to one of our team.

Tony Young – SAP Recruitment Manager

What do you like most about your job as an SAP Recruiter?

“I love the fast-paced nature of our business – it is very dynamic and offers a lot of variety. I enjoy creating solutions and solving our clients’ staffing problems. I love meeting and working with such a diverse range of people – you get the chance to meet so many interesting people from all over the world in recruitment, many of whom have become good friends over the years. I like helping people, guiding them through the process, offering them advice and support; it is a fantastic feeling when a candidate thanks you for helping them land their dream job or when a client is grateful that you have found them the perfect candidate”.

Tony Young - SAP Recruitment Manager

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Dean Malik – SAP Recruitment Manager

How should a good recruiter conduct themselves?

“A good recruiter should be informative, concise, professional, friendly, honest/transparent and ethical. A good recruiter should LISTEN to their candidates’ and clients’ needs, as without understanding what both sides are looking for, they will never be able to make the perfect matches between clients and candidates. A good recruiter should always remember that they are dealing with people who have hopes and dreams. Candidates are not a commodity to be traded. When selecting candidates, recruiters have the power to affect people’s lives. Recruiters should show diligence when reviewing CV’s and make a fair judgement without any discrimination based on appearance, age, gender, race, disabilities or sexual orientation. A good recruiter will always make fair decisions based upon the facts and will treat candidates with respect”.

Dean Malik - SAP Recruitment Manager

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Tony White – SAP Recruitment Manager

What is a typical day-in-the-life of an SAP Recruiter?

“Each day is different and there is a lot that SAP recruiters do in a single day. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just read CVs and talk to candidates all day. We spend a fair amount of time on new business development; attending client meetings to fully understand their exact requirements; building and maintaining relationships; advertising jobs, gathering feedback from both clients and candidates and relaying it to both parties; arranging interviews, preparing candidates for interviews; negotiating on salaries / contract rates; advising clients on the current SAP market trends; updating our database; arranging contracts; making sure SAP consultants have all the information they need for their first day at work; and following up with candidates to make sure they have had a successful start. This is just a general overview of a typical day – senior recruiters also have additional responsibilities such as training and managing junior recruiters / new starters on top of this”.

Tony White - SAP Recruitment Manager

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Daniel Patel – SAP Recruitment Director

What is the most memorable thing you have encountered in your career as an SAP recruiter?

“I’ve been working in SAP Recruitment for over 15 years now, I’ve personally placed over 1000 SAP Consultants in positions over this time, so I have seen and experienced a lot.

Recruitment tends to be a 24/7/365 job. If it is a busy time and your clients have deadlines, you need to be ready to support them around the clock, wherever you are.

My favourite was a time when I was on a busy train from Bergen to Oslo in Norway. A client phoned me needing someone to start the next day – whilst standing in the crowded train, I balanced my laptop on my suitcase, connected via my phone’s 4G, and resourced the role whilst travelling through the snow-covered mountains with intermittent connection. By the time I had reached my destination, I had found the perfect candidate, set up an interview between them and the client, arranged the contracts and starting details and they started the next morning!”

Daniel Patel - SAP Recruitment Director

Suman Sandhu – SAP Recruitment Manager

What do you like about working for Eursap?

“There is so much I enjoy about working at Eursap, below are a few of the highlights for me:

• The inclusiveness, diversity and equal opportunity amongst both our internal and external workforce – we are truly international and multicultural. I am also impressed with the fact that over 40% of our employees are female, something which is very rare in the IT industry.
• That we care about everyone involved in the process. A lot of recruitment companies are purely focused on serving the interests of their clients, whereas at Eursap we value and respect candidates too, listening carefully to their needs and ensuring these are fulfilled. This results in Eursap placing candidates with greater job satisfaction, who in turn offer our clients greater long-term commitment and loyalty – we always aim to create win-win scenarios.
• The resources and technology that all recruiters at Eursap are provided with. We have access to a huge, well-maintained and regularly updated internal database of SAP Consultants, all of our recruiters have LinkedIn & Xing Recruiter accounts, we advertise on all of the major SAP job boards, and we are constantly moving with the times and provided with the latest “REC Tech”.
• The flexible working arrangements provided to all Eursap employees, such as remote / home-office, flexible working hours, rewards and incentive schemes and the overall work-life balance that we are given.
• That there is complete honesty, integrity, transparency and morality throughout all areas of our business”.

Suman Sandhu - SAP Recruitment Manager

Matthew Shaw – SAP Operations Director

What makes Eursap different from other SAP Recruitment Agencies?

“One of the main things is our Experience: Eursap’s recruiters have an average of 15 years recruitment experience! Eursap has a Proven Track Record supplying hundreds of clients across Europe, including the likes of AkzoNobel, Capgemini, GSK and Heineken, for over a decade.
Another significant differentiator is the size of our SAP network: Eursap has an unrivalled network of European SAP resources, which includes over 175,000 database-registered SAP candidates, we also run some of the largest online SAP groups on platforms such as LinkedIn. Read more about Eursap’s Unique Selling Points by clicking here“.

Matthew Shaw - SAP Operations Manager

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