SAP WM / EWM Consultant

SAP WM / EWM Consultant – English speaking – Meath, Ireland. Start: 7th December 2020. 6 week Contract. End client!

Our end client in Meath, Ireland is looking for an SAP WM or SAP EWM Consultant provide on-site support during their go-live.

* SAP WM or EWM experience
* Experience inbound process (externally produced goods + produced goods).
* Experience in applying best practices for  in terms of labelling, scanning & warehousing.
* Experience with go-lives, the typical errors made & what is critical vs less urgent.

* Guiding users through the WM process of production outbound, put away, external receipts
* Closely monitor adherence to process is followed as required at all times.
* Perform basic checks & follow up that all is done according to requirements (e.g. correctly put away).
* Be able to quickly identify when users are not and remedy immediately.
* First analysis: user issue or technical issue; understand what has been done, verify if issue lays within EWM or in WM?
* First analysis in both systems: issue caused by Masterdata, transactional mistake in previous step or technical issue?
* ECC issue gather required input in a structured way (transactions & data used) to pass and explain to nearshore team.
* Prioritize issues, park if needed, tackle most important ones, delegate where required.
* First analysis (root cause analysis) of hardware issues: scanners, printers, terminals.

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