SAP Tips: How to find where an address is used – a handy SAP table

SAP Tips: How to find where an address is used

When ABAP coding in SAP, often an address number is used in the program. It can be useful to see which tables this address number is used in and therefore know which master data object it refers to (e.g. BUT000 = business partner, LFA1 = vendor, T001 = company code, T001W = plant, etc.)

There is a handy SAP table which holds this data – table ADRV.

This table will show you the table and the table value for the address number.

For example, address number 25506 is found in table T001W (which is the plant table):

You can also see from this entry that it is a customising address rather than master data (entry CA01 in the “Key” field).

The “Application Key” field will show us the values to enter into the corresponding table to get the details. If we look at this entry in table T001W, and add the Application Key entries, we can see the details:

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Author: Jon Simmonds, Senior IT Architect

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