SAP Tips: Customising table for Sales Order Reason

SAP Tips: Customising table for Sales Order Reason and Rejection Reason restrictions

In SAP it can be frustrating if, whilst creating a sales order, the number of order reasons and rejection reasons are wide open, allowing you to select any. For example, why would anyone select an order reason like “Damaged in transit” for a standard sales order? This option should be restricted.

Well, good news for those of you on Enhancement pack 8 for ERP6.0 or S/4HANA: there are standard configuration tables supplied for that very purpose.

For restricting order reasons, follow the IMG path below:

The restriction is based upon Sales Order Type and Sales Organisation. If an entry is found in the table which matches the Sales Order Type and the Order Reason, then only the Order Reasons in the table are allowed to be used.

The same applies to Reasons for Rejection:

This additional functionality makes your sales order processing in SAP faster and more tailored to your specific business scenarios.

Jon Simmonds, Senior ERP Architect

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Author: Jon Simmonds, Senior IT Architect

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