SAP Tips: Understanding SAP movement types – quick guide

SAP Tips: Understanding SAP movement types – quick guide

Ever wondered whether the numbering of movement types in SAP means anything?

There is some methodology behind numbering of movement types. The prefix of each movement type denotes the type of movement it is. These prefixes can be grouped together as below:
1xx Goods Receipt from purchasing/production + returns
2xx Goods Issue for consumption
3xx Transfers
4xx Transfers for Special Stock
5xx Goods Receipt without reference to PO or PP order
6xx Logistics Execution -Shipment movement types
70x Physical inventory (Inventory managed)
71x Physical inventory (Warehouse managed)
8xx Brazilian Movements and Industry solutions
9xx, Xxx, Yxx, Zxx Customer ranges

I hope this is helpful to understand a little more about the numbering behind movement types!

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Author: Jon Simmonds, Senior IT Architect

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