SAP Tips: A useful way of searching for business content in IDOCs

SAP Tips: How to search for business content in IDOCs

A useful way of searching for specific business content within IDOCs is to use transaction WE09.

Within this transaction, you can specify a whole load of parameters to restrict your search. Additionally, in the “Criteria for Search in Data Records” section of the screen, you can search for a specific value in the “for Value” field.

Example – if you want to see all IDOCs for a specific material number, you could add the material number into the “for Value” field. If you know the IDOC segment and/or the field name, you can add this in to make the search quicker.

You can also use the IDOC central processing cockpit, in transaction WLF_IDOC to find this too.

I hope you find this useful. Stay tuned for another SAP Tip from Eursap soon!

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Author: Jon Simmonds, Senior IT Architect

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