SAP Tips: Personalisation options in your SAP Fiori homepage

SAP Tips: Personalisation options in your SAP Fiori homepage

One of the key benefits to SAP Fiori is the ability to personalise the home page, to make it more relevant to you as a user. To do this first select the option Edit Home Page from your user button in Fiori, as below:

You will then be faced with all your user groups, with the ability to amend them or create new ones, as below:

These are your options:
Add new group – Click on the “+Add Group” button.
Delete group – Click the “Delete” button on the right-hand side of the group. You cannot delete locked groups (they will have a padlock sign next to them).
Add app to an existing group – Click on the “+” button in the blank tile area in the selected group. You cannot add apps to groups which are locked.
Remove a tile or link from the group – click the X at the top right of the tile or the X at the right-hand side of the link.
Rearrange/move tiles – drag and drop between groups or click the “Move” button:

Change a tile to a link – drag the app into the “links” section to convert to a link or click the “Convert to link” button above.
Change the title, subtitle or description of the tile – by clicking  the “Edit Tile Information” button above. Information can be changed as below:

Rename a group – click on the name of the group to open it in edit mode and simply rename.
Reset a group to pre-edited state – click on the “Reset” button at the right-hand side of the group.
Move a group – Click and hold on the name to drag and move the group to the desired position.

Once complete, click “Close” in the bottom right of the screen to save all your changes and return to your newly edited home page.

I hope you find this useful. Stay tuned for another SAP Tip from Eursap soon!

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Author: Jon Simmonds, Senior Enterprise Platform Architect

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