How to jump-start your SAP career and land a new SAP Job

How to jump-start your SAP career and land a new SAP Job


If you’ve clicked to read this post, then you’re probably feeling something we can all relate to – that there is something better for you outside of your current job. You’ve been looking around. Welcome – we’re glad you dropped in.

There has always been a great demand for SAP skills worldwide. This is not a surprise. SAP is one of the giants in the ERP space. In Q1 2018, SAP reported double-digit growth versus last year and exceeded One Billion Euros for the first time in a single quarter. If the business world is clamouring for this world-renowned enterprise platform, then surely they need all the talent to deliver it.

Care to join the world of hundreds of thousands of SAP professionals worldwide? Here are some tips to jump-start your SAP career.

Jump-start your SAP Career

Know your ‘why’

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost anyhow.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Taking a lucrative career path such as SAP is great, but you must know this at the onset: being an SAP professional is not easy. Hence the huge demand for certain SAP skills, and the six-figure salaries offered for many SAP positions.

If one of these ‘why’s” speak to you, then you may just be on track to the best years of your career.

You like solving problems. Ever heard of the saying, “If there’s a problem, there’s a solution; if there’s no solution, there is no problem.”? Complex SAP assignments are the most exciting because they bring the most value to the client. Providing the solution requires not only solid technical skills but also a problem-solving mindset.

You are excited about innovation. In 2017, SAP spent 3.3 Billion Euros on innovation. More than a quarter of its employees work in research and development. SAP’s enthusiasm for innovation trickles through and benefits all aspects of its business: sales, delivery, global partners. The success of S/4HANA shows that the hard work of SAP’s thinkers is paying off. With the announcement of C/4HANA in 2018, the lives of SAP professionals just got even more exciting.

You crave learning something new. New technologies, new career. If you are planning to change the channel of your career to SAP, then you have to be ready and able to learn. Some people are just born to learn and excel in acquiring new knowledge. If you are one of these people, then you’re in the right place.

SAP Innovation

Know your qualifications

“Is an SAP career only for IT professionals?” is a common question that people ask. While technical skills are valued in SAP, they can also be learned. After all, companies should always hire for potential, right?

There are also a vast number of career paths in SAP. If you are determined enough, you will find one that suits you.

Functional. Functional consultants specialize in business processes as they are assigned to configure the solution according to the needs of the client. They may not necessarily come from IT backgrounds, they may have been accountants, controllers, HR personnel, engineers, planners, or other subject matter experts. Being process experts mean that they will have the credibility to advise clients when it comes to best practices in their own fields.

Technical. Technical consultants may be ABAP developers, Basis administrators, or security specialists. These are highly technical, highly specialized skills.

Business intelligence. Business intelligence consultants translate the data captured by SAP into useful information based on which client executives make business decisions. BI professionals do not only focus on the technical – they analyze information and provide value.

Project Management. We all know someone who is good at orchestrating multiple tasks to be done by multiple people and delivering a promise at all cost. If you are one of these people, then a project management path may just be for you.

Sales. The influencers. The relationship managers. Sales professionals are known by many names. They are the frontrunners in making a deal happen. They help clients realize the value of SAP for their companies. They smooth out the rough edges of the partnership. The stakes are high, and so are the rewards.

Know SAP

You don’t have to be an SAP expert – not yet. But it always helps to know what you are getting into. You can start by familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of SAP.

● If you belong to an organization that uses SAP, talk to your SAP partner or your internal SAP business lead. If you are an SAP user, then you are already armed with a lot of knowledge in how the system works, how to make it better, and how it aligns with your company’s goals. This is valuable information that will help you in your job as an SAP professional.

● Join SAP user local meetups and events. It’s a great chance to network personally and ask for advice based on people with SAP experience.

● Understand where SAP is now and where it’s going. You can start with SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s keynote here.

Know where to look

LinkedIn. What used to be the work-only social media has become a treasure trove of information not only for those looking for SAP jobs but also for those looking to network and thrive in their existing careers. Join career groups like the SAP Career Opportunities Group. Make sure your online profile is updated and attractive to recruiters. For tips on how to improve your online and offline resume, re-visit this Eursap blog post: How to write the perfect SAP CV

Recruitment agencies. Because SAP is a highly specialized skill, some recruitment agencies specialize specifically in acquiring SAP talent. They know what to look for and are able to make the connection between the candidate and the right hiring company. Eursap is one of the leading SAP recruitment agencies, recruiting SAP Consultants across 21 European countries. Get your new SAP career started sending your CV to Eursap.

Know how to sell yourself

You land an interview for a new SAP Job. Now’s your chance! What do you do? Make sure you present your best self and ace your interview. Here’s a Eursap blog post on how to prepare for an SAP interview.

Best of luck with your SAP Career! Please keep in touch, as we’ll be glad to help you on your journey.

Author: Marvi Torres

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