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As one of the world’s richest nations by GDP per capita, Luxembourg is a favourite destination amongst expats thanks to low unemployment rates and tax exemptions for the first five years they live there.

Whether you’re looking for a junior or senior SAP role, Luxembourg has a position for you. Let our expert team match you with your ideal SAP job and get your career started in the country.

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How many hours do they work per week in Luxembourg?

For employees in Luxembourg, the standard working hours are 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

How many hours is part time work in Luxembourg?

According to the Luxembourg labour law, part-time work is considered to be less than 40 hours a week or less than the weekly working time set out in collective agreements.

What is the average cost of living in Luxembourg?

The estimated monthly costs for a family of four are €4,617, with rent. A single person’s average costs are estimated at€2,022.

How do you get a work visa in Luxembourg?

You must submit your application yourself, but you ask your employer to help you. You will have to apply to the Immigration Directorate for a temporary permit to stay in Luxembourg. You should apply and obtain this before you leave your home country.

Is Luxembourg a good place to work?

Luxembourg workers benefit from a low unemployment rate and inflation. Luxembourg has a growing and diversified economy, with an easy naturalisation process for immigrants.