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Sweden is an extremely popular location for SAP professionals, thanks to its employee-friendly culture, high pay, and laid back lifestyle. A hub for business activity, you’ll find job opportunities throughout Sweden, from Stockholm and Gothenburg, to Malmö and Uppsala.

Whatever SAP role you currently have, whether you’re a consultant, developer, or project manager, Eursap will find a vacancy to match your ideal occupation. Browse our range of SAP jobs in Sweden today.

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How many hours do they work per week in Sweden?

In Sweden working hours are 40 hours a week, with an upper limit of 48 hours.

How many hours is part time work in Sweden?

Full-time employment (100%) in Sweden is 40 hours per week, with an upper limit of 48 hours. Part time workers receive a salary calculated on the basis of what percentage of 40 hours their working time is equivalent to.

What is the average cost of living in Sweden?

For a single person, the average monthly cost of living excluding rent is 8,323 krona (kr), equivalent to €822.51. For a family of four, the average is calculated at 30,876kr (€3052.92).

How do you get a work visa in Sweden?

In most cases, citizens of non-EU countries who wish to work in Sweden require a work permit. For employment that lasts less than three months, citizens of certain countries must have both a work permit and a visa. To qualify for a work permit, you must have received an official offer of employment from a Swedish employer. The job needs to have been advertised in the EU/EEA for at least ten days, and must
offer terms of employment that match those set by Swedish law, or is customary to occupation or industry.
The job should also pay a minimum monthly salary of 13,000kr (before tax).
You will also need to hold a valid passport in your home country.

Is Sweden a good place to work?

According to the Global Workforce Happiness Index 2016, Sweden is home to the fourth happiest workforce in the world. Swedish employees enjoy strong worker’s rights and labour laws, with lengthy holiday and parental leave. The work culture in Sweden puts a strong emphasis on learning, development and innovation.