Eursap’s Tip of the Week: How to get SAP “Hot News” and updates – SAP has a nice feature available…

Eursap’s Tip of the Week: How to get “Hot News” for updates in SAP

Technology is moving really fast, as is the market. New regulatory requirements, outdated software, patches and updates – how does it all affect your SAP system and how do you keep up with it all?

SAP has a nice feature available for those with their own “S” ID – SAP Hot News. You can get a list of these notes by going to

Each released SAP note, which is deemed to be important enough for everyone to take note of, is flagged as “Hot News” and the note is available from the front screen as a drill-down.

Once you review the notes, you can flag them yourself as “confirmed” or “not relevant”. That way, you can always see which ones you need to look at – they are automatically marked as “To be reviewed”.

Filters are also available, such as the SAP component they relate to, whether they are relevant to a specific system in your landscape, the type of note (category) and the date released (including a filter to show only those since your last visit to the site).

I hope you find this useful. Stay tuned for another SAP Tip from Eursap next week!

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Author: Jon Simmonds, Senior Enterprise Platform Architect

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