Eursap’s Tip of the Week: Set start transaction in SAP GUI menu – A simple but effective Tip!

Eursap’s Tip of the Week: Set start transaction in SAP GUI menu

When using SAP S/4HANA through the Fiori launchpad, showing only the appropriate tiles for a specific user is very simple, through the use of user groups and catalogs.

However, when using the SAP GUI without Fiori, navigating through transaction menu trees can seem like a real pain for users who only ever use a single transaction.

This is the normal entry point for users logging on to the SAP GUI:

You could of course set favourites up for your users. However, it is easier, for users who only ever use a single transaction, to set that transaction as the transaction which is opened immediately by default when logging in.

This is possibly the simplest tip I have ever done.

To achieve this, right click anywhere in the SAP menu, to show the below options. From here just select “Set Start Transaction”:

You will then be faced with the following dialog box, where you can enter the desired start transaction, which in this example, I will set to ME21N (create purchase order):

Once you have selected the transaction and pressed enter, a message will be posted as below:

After this, when you log off and back in again, transaction ME21N will automatically be launched.

To reverse the settings, simply green-arrow or yellow-arrow back to the main menu and then follow the same steps as above, but simply remove the transaction code in the Set Start Transaction dialog box.

I hope you find this useful! Stay tuned for another SAP Tip from Eursap next week.

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Author: Jon Simmonds, Senior Enterprise Platform Architect

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