Eursap’s Tip of the Week: Introducing OpenSAP Microlearning

Eursap’s Tip of the Week: Introducing OpenSAP Microlearning

Many of our SAP consultant readers will be aware of OpenSAP – the free resource for SAP learning and education, offering a wide array of free online courses in the latest technologies offered by SAP.

However, did you know that as part of the same initiative, OpenSAP now offers “Microlearning”? This is a series of videos, again offered free of charge.

The URL for OpenSAP Microlearning is

The videos range from a couple of minutes long for short tips, to 45-minute how-to videos.

You will need an SAP logon to be able to access this site.

There is also a search facility at the top of the screen to find videos on a given topic.

I hope you find this useful! Stay tuned for another SAP Tip from Eursap next week.

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Author: Jon Simmonds, Senior IT Architect

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