Eursap’s SAP Emoji Challenge

A little bit of SAP-related fun. #sapemojichallenge

How many can you get right? (Answers at the bottom)

Eursap's SAP Emoji Challenge Game - 2018


1. B.I. (Bee Eye)
2. Sapphire
4. CRM Web UI (Sea Argh! M Web Ewe Eye)
5. C4C
6. BW (Bee double Ewe)
7. Bill McDermott (Bill (Dollar bill) McD Ermmm! Hot)
8. Banking (Bank King)
9. WebDynpro (Web Dine Pro)
10. BPC (Bee PC)
11. Mobile Infrastructure
12. TechEd (Tech Head)
13. Leonardo (Leo Nah (no) Dough)
14. BO (Body Odour) Explorer (😂)
15. Auto ID infrastructure
16. ERP (Ear P)
17. UI5
18. Lumira (Loo M Ear Argh!)
19. Community Network
20. Cloud Platform Cock Pit

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